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Lost access to Scoutbook after recharter

In the recharter process, rather than registering me as the Lion Den Leader, they registered me simply as a a Lion Parent. Even though Scoutbook has me listed as Den leader and Den Admin, I lost access to my scouts in Scoutbook because Scoutbook and my.Scouting don’t match. The same thing happened to our girls Lion Den leader. How can I get my position back in Scoutbook? BSA number 134805456


@KathrynHeller it does not look like you have ever had a registered Leader Position in NCAC - you need to check with council and perhaps fill out an Adult Application

I was a den leader in Nebraska for 2 years :thinking:

That is a different council - you are now in National Area - Correct? That means new application - Leader positions (and therefore Applications) are isolated to Councils and Units @KathrynHeller

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Ok. Thank you for your time

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