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Lost Adult Leader Scout Uniform & Adult Awards

Not sure where to post this and hopefully some good suggestions, but I lost my scout leader uniform during a move a while back and looked for the last couple of months in boxes with no avail.

With regards to my earned Adult Awards for my years as Den Leader, Cubmaster , etc. Can I ask my council for replacement since they should have the records on file or is Ebay the way to go?


For awards that are still produced, a Scout Shop is the best place to get them. When I recently put a new uniform together I was not asked for proof of any of the knots I have.

For out of production knots such as the Tiger Den Leader Award, e-bay typically the best source.

I agree with @edavignon that the “current” awards are best obtained from the scout shop.

I would not necessarily rely on council having those records “to hand”, and definitely not on the folks in the shop having access to those. If the scout shop is close by, then maybe it’s not a big deal to drop in and see if they’ll sell the replacements without any documentation. On the other hand, if your shop is further away (like mine), I recommend collecting any certificates/paperwork that might have been issued with your awards, and bring it along just in case anyone asks.

There was a similar discussion here: Tracking Adult Awards

Scout shop could be hit or miss without documents. Just depends on who’s working the counter honestly. I’ve never had to prove myself to get an eagle knot but I wouldn’t go in asking for a silver beaver knot or anything. I would have a picture on your phone of you in your old uniform just in case .

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Thanks for the advice. I did eventually call up the scout shop and they did say they had the awards there but I had to produce the records for it myself which they suggested I contact the council office and they “should” have those records.

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