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Lost Adult Training - Migration from SB-My.Scouting.Org

I recently double checked my adult training classes in ScoutBook and the link now takes me to

The problem is that many of my training classes don’t show up, especially classes taken out of Council. How do I get them back in? I’m missing numerous ones

  • Paddlecraft Safety
  • RSO
  • L1 Archery
  • LNT Trainer
  • IOLS
  • Safe Swim Defense

Thank G* I have paper copies of these, else I’d be screwed. Anyone know when/why these were migrated off SB, and what is the path for me to get these re-added in?

Hi, @PaulHoeffer,

Do you know if your training was actually entered into the training manager by the folks at Council/your unit Key 3, or was it only ever added to your Scoutbook record? I seem to see most/all of my training at
my.scouting -> Menu -> My Training.

FWIW, I can’t get the Legacy Tools to work at all. Manage Member ID kicks me into some sort of server-side error message, and Training Validation kicks me to an ancient error message telling me that is now, despite me having started from

A key 3 for your unit can enter most of those in Under Training Manager in (if I recall) - or your council can enter them

A unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegate, or Unit Training Chair should be able to enter most of those into the Training Manager for you. Just show them your training certificates.

Just to clarify: the training in Scoutbook was always just one way from -> Scoutbook.

These were all items I updated directly in SB back in the day. @CharleyHamilton etc. this is much appreciated info as I had no idea that these had to be put in to by one of my Key 3.

I’ll draft an email to my Key 3 + District rep and include the soft copies of my certs and see how that plays out.

QQ: has this always been the case? My apologies if it’s a n00b question, however this is the first I’ve heard that it was this way since I joined Scouting.

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Hi, @PaulHoeffer,

My understanding of how the process was always meant to work is that the folks running the training are supposed to submit a report to council of all of the scouts/scouters who completed the training, their BSA IDs, and what training exactly was completed. This doesn’t always happen, and/or what’s submitted doesn’t always get entered correctly (BSA ID errors, missed people on the list, etc). For online training, it’s supposed to follow you based on your BSA ID, but if you switch councils (or get a new BSA ID for some other reason), the training may not be correctly reflected.


@PaulHoeffer - scoutbook was never the official training record especially when it was owned by an individual.

Thanks all - this is really important. What I’m aghast at learning is what you pointed out @CharleyHamilton, wrt to updating the council for people trained. I’m a LNT Trainer and have run two classes, and this is the first I’ve heard I had to submit a report. ::sigh:: OK, one more thing for me to do tonight. On the plus, at least now I know I have to do this running forward.

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Yeah, my Council LNT advocate historically had us send him the names and BSA IDs of the folks for whom we ran training, and he did the submittals. I think I’m now supposed to submit it directly, but I haven’t taught a class one since we went to the “new process”. :wink:

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Accessing tools can be problematic if using both Scoutbook and my.Scouting Tools. Scoutbook and my.Scouting Tools are not caching the same thing.

Some tools accessed by the my.Scouting Tools portal require a particular browser to be used.

The following usually works for me to access new and legacy tools via my.Scouting Tools.

  1. Logout of Scoutbookj and my.Scouting Tools and close browser program.
  2. Clear local browser temporary caches (I use Norton for my laptop security, so I use the Norton file cleanup command to do this.)
  3. Without connecting to Scoutbook, login into using Google Chrome in incognito mode.

One of the tools mentioned is on a Sharepoint server and may require using a Microsoft browser.


Thanks @Bill_W! I’ve been fighting with this forever, and you’re the first one to suggest that this was the issue. Support rebuilt my account to make it work, but never suggested that this might be the issue.

Using SSO (starting from Scoutbook or appears to be what is breaking these my.scouting legacy tools. I had no problems accessing either Manage Member ID or any of the other “Legacy” tools at my.scouting as long as I hadn’t visited Scoutbook or the Discourse server first on the same login. I’ll have to play with this some more on various browsers to see if it’s browser or sequence dependent.

“Add training”" is now done in the my.Scouting Training Manager tool.

The district training chairs may have access to add the “Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop (D74)” in person training completion for all adults (except themselves) in the council. Members of the district training committee can do it for adults in their districts and the unit should be able to do it for adults in their unit. An older paper form is:

TrainingAttendanceReport-course-34169_forms.pdf (34.2 KB)


Your council might be using something different.

Recording other training

  • Youth training recording has to be done by the council registrar and requires a form.
  • Adult training for online courses is done by the training program provided the student does not close the training application before the recording process is completed (after the course is completed).

Recommended Reading

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Even when you submit a list of folks for training updates to your council, anyone from out of council is out of luck. They must take their paper copy proof of training to their own council for updating.

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Charlie, I use Chrome. With Scoutbook open, I click the Scoutbook link to open my.scouting. It automatically opens a new tab and is logged in because of SSO. I manually log out, then log in. I can now access legacy tools with no problem. Scoutbook is still open on the original tab.

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That’s been my experience as well. Our troop went to Summer Camp in a different council the past few years, and we always had to send the adults’ training records to our home council advancement committee when we got back from summer camp.

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