Lost connections, etc

My family recently all transferred to a new council and into 3 new units. When I log in, I can see one of the new units I am in as a committee member but not the other two that my other kids are in. It seems like I’ve lost all the connections I had as well as personal info (profile pic, my positions, etc).
I’m not even connected to my own children. How can I fix this?

Linda M. Lozano

Can you post your BSA ID numbers (no names needed) from your old and new councils? You would each have been assigned a new one when you changed councils, because councils have non-overlapping blocks of IDs to assign.

The folks from the SUAC may be able to get things straightened out even if you only have your two BSA ID numbers.

@LindaLozano this is fixed - I did my youth Scouting in T183

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