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Lost leader

As the SM, I had one of our youth advance up to Leader this past December when he turned 18. On Scoutbook he showed as an ASM, until early March he was taken back down to a Scout and I could not advance him back up to Leader Status. It was suggested to me I remove him as a Scout and he will re-appear as a leader. Nope, it completely deleted him. So then it was suggested I use the Add Leader option - it can’t find him. His # is 123208185.

His account had been converted back to a youth account. You should be able to search for him as an adult leader now.

The search still doesn’t find him

I have requested a position sync. If he isn’t back on your roster tomorrow, try having him log in to Scoutbook and have him go to his:

My Account → My Positions

and click on his Assistant Scoutmaster position, and remove the date ended. A Troop Admin will probably need to re-approve his position.

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