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Lost permissions in Scoutbook

I am the den leader for our Wolf den. I was able to log on a few weeks ago and enter advancement information. I recently tried to complete a few items and I no longer see to have permissions.

Is there anything I can do to get my permissions restored? I believe I need to have my items entered before Monday.

Mike McCloud

What’s your bsa member number?

I believe it is 12885492.

I had issues earlier this year and had to resubmit all of my paperwork and re take all of the required training. After completing those steps it seemed like my account was working correclty before today.


I’ll send you a private message. Click on the purple circle with white M in the upper right corner when you see the green circle with number.


I have a cubmastes BSA #12236343 that is having problems to register the advancement to her Pack. She said she say in the system that the is connected to the scout, has administration permitii s but can’t register their advancement.

Please let me now

@OmarLopez1 the account looks fine - we would need more details to understand the situation

She tells me that sue is trying to register a nova award to her pack but it’s not register.

What do you mean register a nova award? If she is trying to approve a SuperNova, that can only be done by the Council as SuperNova requires an application sent to the Council.

Hey guys,

I’m having the same issue. BSA number is changed from what it used to be. 12911248 is the number that shows up now but it used to be 13356229. I am den leader, cub master, and my wife is the advancement chair. at this point we don’t have access to approve awards, pull advancement reports, or create PO#s for awards purchase. I went to the district office and they were little help.

@CoryEasley, which BSA ID shows up when you log in to your profile at my.scouting.org? When you talked to the folks in your district, did they identify which BSA ID was associated with your registered position?

Also, which is your registered position? An individual can not be registered as both DL and CM at the same time in the same unit.

@CoryEasley I was able to fix your accounts. For your wife, I need her BSA member number.

@CoryEasley Nevermind, I was able to find her.

Please log in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting usernames and passwords.

You are a life saver, Thank you so much

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The cubmaster is trying to register know the award of World conservation award and wen she access the cubscout award this award doesn’t appear in the list of awards. To me this is strange but it is wa she tells me.

@OmarLopez1 Please post the Cub Scout’s BSA member number (no names).

The BSA number is 12236343

@OmarLopez1 I think the issue is that the Cub Scouts have not been assigned to dens in Scoutbook.

A Pack Admin needs to create the dens in Scoutbook, and then I would recommend using the “Reassign Scout(s)” button on each den page to quickly move multiple Scouts into each den.

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