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Lost Scouts Advancement

I recently tried to advance a Scout, but I somehow lost the connection. When I tried to re-establish the connection it wiped the record clean. I noticed that the Membership # is not the same. How can I find the scout again?

Look in my dashboard > administration > my accounts > my connections

@JillBrownsberger Is this Scout with initials A.M.?

It looks like A.M. has 2 Scoutbook accounts now. One is the original account, a second account was created on 3/13, and a third account was created on 3/15.

Are you trying to transfer the Scout from your pack to a troop in Scoutbook?

Yes, he was a test for my Webelos II Den and clearly I messed it up and lost him. When I tried to re-establish a connection to him it cleared his advancement and his membership ID doesn’t match.

OK, I have re-connected to you to Scout A.M.

You can find him by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Click on his name, then A.M.'s Membership. Use the red “+ Add” button to add a new membership with A.M.'s new troop.

I went to click on him and he disappeared. I really don’t know how I lost him again.

I think you clicked on the “X” and got disconnected from him.

I will re-connect you.

Ok, I see him but I don’t see an add button. Just the x. Should I click on his name?

Yes, click on his name.

Ok, did that. Should it say Andrew Summers

It also says Andrew Merrow at the very top.

Don’t worry about that.

Click on [Scout]'s Membership.

That seemed to work! Thank you so much!

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They will need a Troop Admin to approve their Membership in Scoutbook.

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