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Lost Scouts Cub Scout History on Scoutbook

I have a recently bridged Scout and he has been transferred to his new Troop BUT we are unable to see any of his Cub Scout history. I was assuming that all of his Cub Scout history would be archived for his parents and leaders to see. Especially when he reaches Eagle and being able to go back and see what all he has earned. Is anyone else having this problem?

Shannon - if you look at the scout profile page, scroll down to reports, select that then look for cub scout history report.

As Stephen says, the information should be available in the Cub Scout History Report.

If it is not, I would check to see if perhaps your council gave the Scout a new BSA ID #.

He is no longer on our roster. I contacted the Scout’s parents and they don’t see any of his Cub history on the Troop’s Scoutbook page. I don’t have access to the Scout’s new Troop’s page.

Once a scout moves to the troop, the cub scout visuals are hidden and the troop related data is brought to the fore. If the parents go to the scout record, then scroll down and look for reports then click on that they will see the cub scout history report line.

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Once the Scout moves to a troop, the Cub Scout information is only viewable by parents by using the Cub Scout History Report. Here is where they can find it:

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Your council can print a history including cub scouts for you as well.