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Lost training

All the training I did for Cubmaster has disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else?

If you somehow have two BSA member ID#s (MID), then the missing training could be under the other MID.

If you have only been in one council, it is relatively easy for your council registrar to look up your account details and see if you have duplicate accounts. And they are the person to fix this problem.

If you have been in more than one council, things get more complicated. Each council has their own set of MIDs to use and can’t look up other council’s records. BSA has a tool for a volunteer to use to associate multiple MIDs to one account - Manage Member ID on My.Scouting.

Kristin, do you think one of these situations applies to you?

One way to check your training is to use the BSA Training Validation tool.

My.Scouting > Menu > BSA Web Links > Training Validation

Change the button to All Training, then use Advanced Search to search by email. If you return more than one person with your email, then you have two different My.Scouting accounts. If only one person, then their training will be displayed or it will say they have no training.

I don’t believe so. My Youth Protection Training is still showing up and it showed up with my Cubmaster trainings originally so I assume they were all under the same number

you have 2 BSA #s - council can help you (one has a middle name , one does not - so you cannot fix) - 13489873 & 136479233 - have them merge them

you need to be using kmartin0810 to log in - I will fix that for you

Thank you so much. This is a lifesaver

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