Lots of New IT Features


There have been a lot of new IT features which have been released that I am summarizing and sharing below:
1 - Member Manager is now Organization Manager - if you click on Member Manager, it will take you to the correct place.
2 - Commissioners now have access to Units’ BeAScout pin settings - access this via Organization Manager
3 - Under the Organization Manager Reports tab any commissioner can run a BeAScout pin report for all the units in the district (Note - this seemed buggy this morning.)
4 - You can edit many of your own profile items such as e-mails, address and phone numbers AND spelling of your name via My Profile
5 - You can now transfer and multiple between units using your My.Scouting account. (I personally moved a Scout that was moved in Scoutbook to a troop from a pack but the troop had not submitted a transfer application.) (See the attached FAQ as there are LOTS of rabbit holes on this item.)

Users are able to transfer from one Scout unit to another without having to take a new application into the Scout office. On the “My Application” tab you can transfer yourself as an adult volunteer or your youth member from unit to unit. Unit leaders will be able to transfer youth by going to the new “Roster” feature in “Member Manager” and “Organization Manager” and select the youth who need to be transferred, then click the “Transfer” icon.

This will create a transfer application which will be sent to the new unit with the ability to be approved in “Application Manager”.Transfers will take 48 hours to sync with the new unit.
The “Roster tool” also allows unit leaders to email other leaders in the unit directly from the tool. Editing youth/adult profiles, and printing rosters/membership cards is also available in the updated tool.
6 - As previously announced, Commissioners now have a quick, easy way to view the level of logged activity of the units they serve through the new Unit Activity Summary Report available in Commissioner Tools

  • This new feature is accessed by going to the Contacts tab, selecting the unit, clicking the Print button and choosing which item you want to print (Activity Summary
    report, Advancement Report, Charter). The Activity Summary Report data comes
    from Internet Advancement whether entered directly or via Scoutbook.
    Two important notes: 1) In addition to providing a ‘From’ date, a ‘To’ date is
    required for the report to run, 2) Service Project data entered through the
    legacy Service Hour Reporting system (a.k.a. Good Turn for America) is only
    summarized. After RUNning the report, it can be exported to a PDF or CSV
    file. If you are authorized and logged into Scoutbook you can also click’ on an individual’s name in the on-screen report, a new tab will open with the hyperlinked source data found in the database.

Some of these new features will not load if you have not recently cleared your cache… so If you are having problems, clear you cache.Transfer and Multiples for My.Scouting Job Aid 11 18 2020.pdf (604.5 KB)

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