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Managing "Old" Activity records

For our troop in Internet Advancement there are a series of what I will call old records of awards that have already been processed at previous CoH’s using Troop Master versus IA. I do not to approve these records to generate additional purchases for the upcoming CoH but neither do I want to delete them and have them potentially remove award records from the Scouts. What is the correct manner to deal with these type of records as we generate Advancement purchase reports from IA rather than TroopMaster? Any help and guidance is much appreciated.

If I’m understanding the question, I would create a separate advancement report just for those items.

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Thank you for the reply - I am new to IA, is there a link or reference that you could provide that instructs how to create a separate advancement report either as I am importing records from TroopMaster or after the import is complete and the advancements are what I assume listed as a series of activities in IA.