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Marbling Packs and Troops Together

I was saying that don’t like doing is as regularly as a DC would require in response to Bill’s comment above. Don’t like May be a mischaracterization for some. For many it’s that they don’t have time between scouting and other commitments.

I have had some success with inviting a couple scouts bsa scouts to a single activity. It doesn’t build relationships in the same way that a DC does, though.

I had some success with joint hiking events (Webelos den with DL/ADL plus troop with two adult leaders), since it gives everyone something to do that burns the excess energy, and can satisfy requirements for everybody.

Activity with a troop? Check.
Outdoor troop activity? Check.
Orient a map and demonstrate how to use a compass? Check.
Take a 5-mile hike using the map & compass (3-miles for Webelos Walkabout)? Check.
Demonstrate use of a GPS? Check.
Identify native plants and animals? Check.

The scouts get a chance to chitchat whenever you stop for lunch, to look at tracks or just for a breather for the old guys in the back


Amen on the old guys in the back…

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