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Maritime Explorers Club tracking

Our Chartered Organization has both a Ship and a Maritime Explorers Club. I would like to track the two group differently, but there is no way I can see in Scoutbook to differentiate between scouts in the Ship and scouts in the Maritime Explorers Club.

Is this supported in Scoutbook?

MECs are not currently supported

Thank you.


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Doing a little more research it seems to all depend on the council - if the council has the youth REGISTERED in a Exploring CLUB - then the K3 should see the Club and Scouts in SB - but some councils might not do that for the ~30 MECs out there

If, like me, you read this post and had no idea what a Maritime Explorers Club is, here’s the background:

What is a Maritime Explorer Club?

Maritime Explorer Clubs are a special-interest Exploring program that offer boys and girls water-based adventure and career exploration. Adventures include an emphasis in, on, or under water such as sailing, paddlesports, scuba or other types of boating. Career discovery includes maritime-related fields such as oceanography or STEM. Youth learn from experienced practitioners and professionals, as well as thru hands-on maritime experiences. This is lifelong learning, one exploration at a time. Character-building experiences plus life skills and career exploration meet fun and adventure in an exciting, informal format.

Who can participate?

Sixth, 7th, and 8th grade boys and girls who have have not completed the 8th grade are eligible to join a Maritime Explorer Club. The age range for participation within these grade levels is 10-14.

What are the advantages of organizing a Maritime Explorer Club?

Maritime Explorer Clubs provide opportunities for youth members to get to know other youth with similar interests and aspirations. They offer a unique coeducational program for this targeted age group. Maritime Explorer Clubs can introduce young people to professional maritime careers as well as ocean STEM and oceanography. They deliver a values-based program that also focuses on citizenship and leadership. Some youth become members of Maritime Exploring Clubs while also maintaining membership in Scouts BSA. An Explorer Club also makes an excellent feeder for Sea Scout Ships. The program adventures, tours, and hands-on learning experiences are unique and different from what youth experience in school and other programs. Also, rather than required participation standards, weekly or monthly involvement can be based on how a specific Maritime Explorer Club event or activity fits with a youth’s schedule of extracurricular activities.

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@PatrickOsborne I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

Thanks for this. I knew this part, but am trying to make sure I can track the MEC and Ship correctly in Scoutbook.

We are looking to start one. My understanding is basically it’s an Exploring unit, so shouldn’t Scoutbook be able to handle that the same as an Explorer post?

Clubs are in Scoutbook - but the is little to no advancements in the program

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Seems silly to have a program that does not have a “program” or advancement/achievement pathway.

Many successful program activities in life don’t involve advancement.

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Exploring is more about each unit creating their own program. There are no ranks, but there most certainly are awards and programs.

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