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MB approval checkbox is missing

I am the advancement chair trying to update a final section of the communication merit badge. I can mark it as completed but not leader approved. There is no box there to check. There is no leader approved box to complete the whole merit badge either. Our scoutmaster also tried and that box is not there for him either.

Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and the Merit Badge. We will investigate.

137322050 Communication MB. Thank you for checking.

I think the issue is that this Scout is registered in 2 councils, but the wrong BSA number is in use for your troop and council.

He was in our troop until school started then moved to another council. He had a partial from summer camp and we wanted to add req 6 and approve it. When he transferred. He must have gotten a new ID. Should we just put an end date on his time with us and let the new troop handle it?

@RaymondMiller2 He is currently only registered with your troop and council, so I have changed his BSA member number back. A Troop Admin might need to re-approve his position in Scoutbook.

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