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MB award during Eagle extension

How do I award a MB to a LIfe Scout who has an Eagle extension? The program will not allow it.

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Please post the BSA Member ID of the Scout, not the name, and we will investigate.


What system are you using? Internet Advancement or Scoutbook?

Internet advancement.

yes I thin that is still not working for over 18 - Scoutbook.com would work though - you can log in with same credentials

Thanks. I will try that.

Ok. I have never used Scoutbook; I have been using TroopMaster for over 25 years. I printed a blue card. Is that enough to get the MB? I couldn’t see how to print an advancement report.


@MichaelLester1 It looks like you are a Scoutmaster and Troop Admin in Scoutbook.

After you add and mark the merit badge as Approved in Scoutbook (but not Awarded):

  1. Go to:your troop’s main page in Scoutbook
  2. Click on Troop Reports
  3. Click on Needs Purchasing Report
  4. Add the merit badge to an open purchase order or create a new purchase order

Then open the Purchase Order and scroll down to Advancement Report (it is below the red “Save / Update” bar).

Thanks. Just not familiar with Scoutbook.


You can see them and Add Advancements to them in IA2.0 as long as they are still registered. I had this same exact problem, we were told once they turned 18 they needed to fill out Adult Applications so we had them do that but then they are no longer Youth 18+ they are listed as Adults. From the Roster page in the dark grey bar on the right it says Show: Youths by default, you need to select that and add Adults then show results. Now all of the Adults will show up including your new Adults with Eagle Extensions. Then you do your Record Advancement just like any other Scout.

@JenniferOlinger, @DonovanMcNeil,
The one thing I have not been able to do is close out a purchase report, it gives an error saying the user does not exist, I assume it is only searching Youth for the purchase report not adults.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.17.50 AM

@AaronStorey When a Scout with an approved time extension turns 18, the Scout needs to register as an adult using the position of Unit Participant (UP). The Scout will show up on the roster in Internet Advancement when you select “Youths 18+” in the filter.

Thanks @JenniferOlinger,
Sorry but your information is incorrect in practice, we did exactly that and I can see in my.scouting Unit Participant however does not show up in IA2.0 when Youth 18+ is selected, only when Adults is selected. I do have two youth on the Roster that did not register as Adults and are 19 and show as Youth 18+.
Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.33.43 AM

N.S. with BSA member number 131205570 has a Unit Participant registration that ended 12/31/2020.

I see a pending registration for him as an Assistant Scoutmaster, and his Scoutbook account has already been converted to an adult account.

Is N.S. still within the time extension period and working towards Eagle Scout rank?

I will go one even better for inconsistency.
The other Eagle Extension 18 year old shows up in my.scouting as a Youth Member however in IA2.0 as an Adult.
Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 9.44.53 AM

Yes, our Charter for this year has not been completed so we all ended 12/31/2020, he just completed his Eagle BOR last night.

I see the same situation with D.F. (BSA member number 128485133).

He has a Unit Participant registration that ended 12/31/2020. He has a pending registration as an Assistant Scoutmaster, and his Scoutbook account has already been converted to an adult account.

That is why he is showing up in the roster as an adult – not a youth age 18+.

In the end it doesn’t really matter, they both completed all requirements and did their Eagle BOR last night, perhaps just a perfect storm of our Charter not being completed for this year yet and them being 18.
I just wanted to provide information for the OP that perhaps was in the same situation where they were not showing up because they were Adults in IA2.0.
It is still annoying to have the Purchase report that I can’t close in IA2.0 is there anything you can do with that?
We don’t use SB so anything those changes there are based on some other system syncing with it or perhaps our online charter being submitted even though Council has not completed it.

@AaronStorey Scoutbook and Internet Advancement have different user interfaces, but they both use the same database.

The issue might be because:

D.F. has a youth and an ASM membership in Scoutbook
N.S. has a UP and an ASM membership in Scoutbook

They should have one membership type or the other, but not both at the same time.

I can end their youth and UP memberships, and see if that fixes your Purchase Order. Do they have any items on the PO? Those items might fall off.

Yes, there are items on the PO but it doesn’t matter they have been purchased all ready. Yes, please go ahead and change D.F. since he is the only one with items on the open PO, so I can see if it changes anything.

I have ended D.F.'s youth membership.