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MB jumped from Approval to needs awarding

I have a scout who has two MB Citizenship in Nation and Personal Management mark as approved last week they are not showing up in any purchase orders but are on the needs awarding report

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@RonFedele We have a limited view, so are you saying that this Scout’s merit badges (Cit. in the Nation and Personal Management) are Approved, but they do not show up on the unit’s Needs Purchasing Report?

Items that are Approved (but not marked as Awarded) will show up on the Needs Awarding Report whether they are on a PO or not.

yep not showing in needs purchasing or any closed PO


Does the Scout have multiple registrations? If another unit placed the award on a PO, it will not show up on your Needs Purchasing report.

she is only in our troop never registered anywhere else

@edavignon I have actually done a zoom with @JenniferOlinger on this the other day but wanted to mention some further things I found. This seems to be happening on scouts with extensions who are over 18. They are showing awards on the needs awarding report with no shopping basket. As near as I can tell this started occurring after the October 14th update which had a lot of advancement reports stuff on it


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