MBC end date showing on profile

Three leaders, BSA ID 128510109, 110193388, and 128593489 all show as active MBCs on the Green Mountain Council council listing as evident by doing a search for MBCs within the zip code, yet all show an “end date” of 07/31/2019 in their profiles (which shouldn’t be there). This causes some problems when approving merit badges for active scouts.

The council has checked on their end a few times and say the users are registered. Can the dates be removed?

@Casey I see an active MBC position in SB for all three user? Yes there are Old ones with that end date, but there are also active MBCs with no end date

I think I figured it out. The Troop Roster isn’t displaying the MBC position; but if I click into my profile–>current positions, the MBC current is displaying. This shouldn’t affect functionality, in theory… now that I know where to look, we should be okay… I think…


yeah cause MBC is NOT a unit position

I know this is by design, but it does seem to be counter intuitive. @Casey isn’t the first person to be confused by this (I was way back when).

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Thank you. This makes sense.

I understand individual users can see all of their registered positions when logged into SB and viewing “My current positions & Roles” under their profile. I’ll keep this in mind and be sure to ask them to verify that it shows up in SB when registering new MBCs.

A possible programming suggestion would be to display read only data on the Troop Roster to show something like “Council Registered Positions” or “Other” positions below the “Troop positions” column. This would alleviate the need to search in multiple places for dual registered scouters info.

I found that doing a MBC search shows that the three I mentioned before are properly registered, which is what I was looking to verify.


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