MBC has 2 ScoutBook UIDs but we are unable to merge them

We have a Merit Badge Counselor that had multiple ScoutBook accounts, causing the Changeyouremail error. In clearing that we have managed to create what appears to be a Zombie ScoutBook record. When use VST to search ScoutBook for the Zombie UserID it does not return any record. Yet when we use ScoutBook’s “Download the current mbcdetails.csv file”, she shows up twice. Once with the correct UID and her Badges, and once with the old UID and no badges. Both entries link to the same BSA MID. The second UID does not seem to exist in ScoutBook proper. When I searcch for it, I get nothing back. So how can we get ScoutBook to finishup the removal of this Zombie UID?

BSA MID: 134610339 - current MBC registration
SB UID: 2395993 - has Badge Listings We want to keep this one.
SB UID: 10256092 - Zombie UID, with no badges. I believe this was once the duplicate entry that caused the ChangeYourEmail. It appears it was not fully removed from ScoutBook when it was merged into her current SB UID.

We would like the 10256092 UID to be deleted. I am concerned that this Zombie SB UID will cause problems. Any help would be appreciated.


this is done - user has not logged in in 3 years

Thanks Donovan. Any tips on how to make sure I don’t cause this again?

While she may not have been on ScoutBook, she is active as a counselor.

one deleted was created 8/31/2019

Similar problem for a different Counselor.

She has two ScoutBook UID’s tied to the same BSA MID. I can select and see the duplicate UID, but when I try to mege it, I get the error, “Failed to merge SB users. User belongs to a different council.” error. However both UIDs are tied to the same BSA MID. Also, the second UID does not show a My.Scouting Account ID.

BSA MID: 135204272
Good ScoutBook UID: 2085411 (last login 5/3/19) good email. Badges
Duplicate ScoutBook UID: 11251434 - (never logged in) Changeyouremail. no badges

If I can get this cleaned up, it means that we will have repaired all of our counselors that had the “changeyouremail” error.

Thanks for your help.

So on this second one - you are using VST to merge the SB accounts? if so answer but we let it hang for me to get an answer

Yes, I was trying to merge the accounts using VST.

No problem about letting it hang for now. Do you want/need me to do anything else? Or just wait to see what you come up with?

wait and remind me in 2 days please

you are in 055 council?

Thanks. No problems. Yes I am in Council 055.

I have noticed sometimes when I search for users in ScoutBook, I find two identical entries for the same user, except one is in my Council, and the other lists “NoCouncil”. From what I can tell by looking at the selection screen, both records are identical except for the Council/NoCouncil. And of course, since they are not in my council, I cannot see their detailed records.

does this user show that?

No. This particular user shows in my council for both records.

:ok_hand: remind me please - sending email for more data

Appreciate your help. I’m off to supper now.


I checked today and I was able to merge her second ScoutBook Account into her primary account.
Thank you for your help.


yeah I was trying to find this thread the other day to tell you but I could not

No problem. I very much appreciate your help.


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