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MBC Not listed

I have been an MBC since July 2019. my council has not updated Scoutbook due to “Waiting on recharters” and I have done a number of Virtual MBs. Since I am not able to add my position, and it has to be done at Council, How can I get listed as an MBC to allow for the markings of MBs in Scoutbook. As I have been told that I can still sign blue cards?

Any help would be welcomed as I know I could go to a different council, but would have a different membership number.

Once a council uploads its MBC list, users are not able to add their own MBC position to Scoutbook. You will need to wait for your Council to refresh its list.


Which could take who knows how long, so I am not able to do anything in scoutbook with scouts as an MBC and my position is not listed as an MBC, but I have the signed MBC paperwork from the Council. That is not really a good way to handle MBCs in my personal opinion, and is a flaw that needs to be resolved somehow.


We agree but unfortunately, many Councils decided to have the list of Merit Badges a MBC counsels stored outside of ScoutNET. Because of this a process had to be developed where a Council can get its list into Scoutbook.

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I finally submitted my MBC app, which has been approved and processed by my council and shows up in their registration system. However I don’t see it in scoutbook.com and can’t find myself by searching for counselors. They told me to reach out to scoubook.com support… Ugh.

If your Council has previously uploaded an MBC list, your council has to upload a their updated MBC list to Scoutbook in order for new MBCs to be shown.

If your Council has not uploaded the list, MBCs need to add their own position and have it approved by a unit admin.

The easiest way to determine if your Council has uploaded its list is to do a Merit Badge Counselor search in Scoutbook. If the listings say “Approved by X Council” then your Council uploaded its list. In this case, you will need to work with your Council to have a new list uploaded.

Why are you advising them in this way, when elsewhere you acknowledge that councils are unable to upload their updated MBC lists until further notice pending known bug fixes? Our council has been trying every day for over a week.

Or has this now been resolved? I’ve been watching the change log as you suggested and have yet to see that it has been fixed.

The ability to upload Merit Badge Counselor lists will be enabled as part of tonight’s Scoutbook update, scheduled for 5:00 PM CDT.

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How do you search by Counselors? As it is hard to navigate to?

Unit leaders can navigate to their unit page and click on MB Counselor Search.

or an easier way to test is try to give yourself a MBC position. If you can your council has not uploaded list

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On the unit page, there’s a link at the bottom which says ‘MB counselor list’ which allows you to search by zip code range for a particulate badge.

Does this search automatically exclude the person doing the search from the results?
When I look under My Positions in Scoutbook, I see the MB’s I am signed up for, each with a green check mark. If I do a search for any of those MB’s it either shows a list, but I am not included, or in one case it shows no counselors at all (in that particular instance, I show on the last printed list I received from our council that I am the only counselor in our district for that badge). I can also look at Member Manager on my.scouting.org, and see Merit Badge Counselor / Trained there.

The MBC search does not exclude you from the search. What is your listing presence and availability set to on your MBC position under My Positions? Is your Youth Protection Training current? MBCs with expired YPT are excluded from search results.

Availability is set to available. Listing preference is set to Council List. My YPT is current through 3/2/2021.


Wait until after tonight’s Scoutbook maintenance and try again. There is an issue that created duplicate MBC positions that may be affecting search results.

Thank you. I will look at it again in the morning.


I just found out councils need to upload their MBC lists again to clear the duplicates.


Contact your Council Registrar who may be working from home as they are at Grand Canyon Council in Phoenix AZ. He or she ought to be able to help you solve your problem/dilemma.

My council does an update three times a year to help prevent those problems. The first is just before charters are distributed for renewal, the second is just after the district submits their list of MBC and the third is half way between those dates so about July. It keeps the list fairly accurate.

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