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MBC online management

I am the Merit Badge Point for the Pine Tree Council in Maine. I have four District points who manage the registration of new Merit Badge Councilors (MBC), and the addition and subtraction of badges for Merit Badge Councilors. Each District takes care of their own MBCs using the Automated District Management System (ADMS) by Troopmaster Software Inc. Each month they create a csv extract which I massage, combine, and upload into Scoutbook.
Scoutbook’s advantages over ADMs include centralized data, ADMS data is stored locally. A user interface that Scout leaders can use to find an appropriate MBC, and a connection to ScoutNet, ensuring MBCs are registers and have YPT.
Scoutbook’s disadvantages to ADMS is its data management process. ADMS has a user interface that allows the District Points to update/delete/update data. Scoutbook requires a full delete and load process, which increases the possibility of errors. ADMS also allows the management of data at the District level. As MBCs are registered to a District it is an important feature.
Having to use two separate and disconnected software to manage MBCs is inefficient and cumbersome. Changes in Merit Badge Points is difficult and time consuming. I do not know how you receive suggestions for upgrade, but I would like to request that you create a user management interface to the MBC Scoutbook data. As I mentioned, it needs to be able to be managed at the District level.
I would be happy to discuss, with the appropriate people, specific user experiences and requirements for this process.
Thank You
Bruce Theriault
Pine tree Council
Council Merit Badge Point

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