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I don’t want to potentially mess this up, so I’ll ask first. I used the meeting generator and it scheduled all of my meetings and created all of my meeting plans. If I go into Scoutbook and change which requirements are being worked on at a given meeting, will these plans also adjust? Or are they static? I know that we can change the order of the meetings, by simply changing their dates, but I was curious if the meeting plans could also be modified.

Like I said, I don’t want to make changes that will impact anything without knowing that it can be reversed or fixed.


You cannot change what is being worked on - not how it works - you can change dates if you are a unit or den admin.

the other item to remember - if you get any new scouts they will not be on these meetings and have to be added in Scoutbook

Thank you. This is what I had figured, but I didn’t know if there was a chance that the meeting plans were modular and would move with the assigned requirements that appear in Scoutbook. I will start reviewing the full year and see if this is the order we will do the different adventures.

currently the DLE does not handle the 1 elective adventure you need. AND we are still trying to figure out the Protect Yourself

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