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Meeting Schedule flexibility

The current scheduling doesn’t account for off weeks for Pack Meetings and vacations. I realize there is a way to change it in Scoutbook but what would be better is to have a list of all the meetings during initial setup and allowing us to pick a date for each meeting. It’s wouldn’t be that difficult to pick 12-14 dates.

Currently you can edit specific meeting dates and times, thereby moving meetings. Eventually that will be easier (click and drag.) I will share your off weeks concern.

NOTE: Once the den is setup and the events are placed on the calendar, there is no “undoing” it. You can’t delete events without causing issues, however you can edit dates and times in the app.

Meetings on topics you already covered with your den (e.g., Bobcat) can be moved to the past and you can mark the Scouts as attending.

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Here is a follow up from the programming team “By editing the meetings, you are essentially picking a date for each. We are preparing to introduce greater flexibility with some drag and drop action that will have reduce the amount of clicks, etc. that the user will take to change the meeting dates.”

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