Member ID Manage Request

Please merge Member ID 134690519 into 136492752, as the primary ID. We are wanting to get the training and other records from 134690519 associated with 136492752.

@CharlesHart I found 4 BSA member ID numbers for this user.

Two BSA member ID numbers belong to Adventure West. The other two belong to Golden Empire.

Would like some advice. This User has a son and spouse registered in our Troop in Adventure West. The User would like to join the Troop. I assume that after selecting ID 136492752 as the primary ID, that the records (like training records) for the other three IDs could be associated to the Primary ID?

@CharlesHart I would recommend that she use BSA member ID number:


It belongs to Adventure West Council and has the parent / child relationships set up with her Scout.

She doesn’t appear to have much training. I see YPT, but the most recent one expired in 2021.

I will inform her to use the 134690519 ID (and take YPT).
Thank you for the advice and help!

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