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Membership deleted by previous unit

Three newly bridged scouts were removed from our troop roster -we think- when the old cub unit (different unit) cleaned up connections and likely ended ALL of those Scouts memberships including being in our Troop. Is there a way to restore the membership to get them back on our roster? District seems confused too

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did these Scouts come in like 2 months ago? their applications might have never been processed. Go to your Account > My Connections (if admin) and look for the Scouts there > if you find them go to their membership and look for your unit > if in the past make a new membership for troop with TODAYS date > Look at the old membership and look in the NOTES field. If is says something like expired after 60 days that means their applications where never processed by council and you will need to follow up with them

Adding more to Donovan’s answer, If you find the previous membership that was ended by the 60 day time limit, you can make a note of what the real start date should be (in the note field), then change the start date to today and remove the end date. This will put the scout back in your unit for another 60 days (without adding another membership entry that you can’t remove). After the scout’s paperwork is processed and they are added to your My.Scouting roster and sync’d with the Scoutbook roster, you can go back to their membership entry and edit their start date to when they really started (if you care about such details).


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