Membership ID merge between multiple councils

I have three youth in our pack who were in another council and then moved to our pack (or) back to our pack. These kids finally were registered with our council, after sitting on the application for several weeks. (Something about joining fees holding the process back, even though they were previous Scouts. The Registrar worked hard to get this done so I’m not slamming him.) Anyway, our Blue Gold Banquest is this Tuesday and I don’t want these kids missing out because of an issue they have no control over. Any help would be appreciated. I have no longer the ability to view advancement history and we have to update their records quickly.

Scout #1
Membership ID: 12836787 (Tukabatchee Area Council). 2018-2020
Membership ID: (Capitol Area Council) 2021
Membership ID:14105669 (Tukabatchee Area Council) 2022

Scout #2
Membership ID: 13707315 (Capitol Area Council) 2021
Membership ID:14105727 (Tukabatchee Area Council) 2022

Scout #3. Georgia-Carolina Council #
Membership ID: 13661664 (Georgia-Carolina Council). 2021
Membership ID:14105771 (Tukabatchee Area Council) 2022

@GailAlexander Scout one has 2 different DOB - but I think all is right on the first MID? Post correct DOB for this one and we can fix
Scouts 2 & 3 are fixed

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I haven’t heard back from mom yet but go with the MID from the first one. That may be why our council registrar couldn’t find his info from the other council.


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Just heard back. The correct date of birth is [DOB removed by Moderator for privacy].

@GailAlexander Capitol Area Council has the wrong year of birth (off by 1 year).


Yeah at initial in your council it was wrong also - is fixed now in SB.


@DonovanMcNeil @JenniferOlinger
Thanks for working this so quickly. Very appreciated!

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