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Membership issues

Unable to see these three parents in the list when I pull up the YPT aging report. These parents have completed the YPT training.

Member Id: 132075303
Member Id: 120297712
Member Id: 13821172

click on the show roaster tab, then you can choice the filters. i hope this helps.

If you use the legacy training validation tool at my.scouting.org, you can look up whether or not they have actually completed YPT. If not, that would be why it’s not showing up in the report.

What are your menu options that you do see?

I can validate they completed the training. Looking for them to be included in the YPT report.

I can pull up the YPT report, but these three users aren’t in the list when they have completed the training and they are connected to their scouts record as well.

So they are only parents, not also currently-registered leaders? In that case, the only two ways I know of to verify YPT is via the method I described or the Scoutbook Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox, which has an add-on menu item for verifying YPT for all adults listed the unit on Scoutbook.

The extension is available here: Feature Assistant - What is it?. Scroll to the bottom for the download links.

Two(BSA id ending in 303 & 712) of them are registered Adult Leaders.

Hrm. That is strange. And they both appear on your my.scouting.org roster? They should be showing up in Scoutbook, too, then.

@NasirSayed Are you using the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook (Show Adult YPT Status)? If so, then you should be able to see their YPT status in the report if their BSA member number matches.

The first two (132075303 and 120297712) are only registered as Merit Badge Counselors, so you won’t see them on the unit’s YPT aging report at my.scouting.

The third one does not appear to have a Scoutbook account, so that’s why you won’t see that adult’s training in the report.

Both have Adult Leaders box checked on the Troop Roster.

132075303 → Adult Leader
120297712 → Adult Leader + Merit Badge Counsellor

@NasirSayed Where are you running the report?

Are you running a my.scouting report? Or are you using the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook?

Troop Reports under Troop list
→ YPT Status Report

When you click on this link, it takes you to my.scouting. My.Scouting does not include adults who are not registered as adult leaders with your unit.

What you want is “Show Adult YPT Status”, which is only available if you are using the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook.

both show the same report. but these adults are not listed on the report. They have sent me their completion certificates and I I did verify on scout book link that system has them as completed…

I can setup a zoom session, so you can see the issue or check other settings. Let me know here or call may cell.

Show Adult YPT status looks the same but it is different - run it if you have the extension turned on

the 2 MIDs you listed will not show on YPT Status report because they are MBCs and therefor not registered in your unit

Can we do a zoom session now? I can show they are members, show on troop connection list, connected to their child/scout.

Launch Meeting - Zoom

@NasirSayed they are not members - they might be listed in Scoutbook as leaders but in AKELA (which is the database for membership) both of those are only MBCs. That report you are going to looks at AKELA only.