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Memorial Gold Star

I’ve seen the Memorial Gold Star “award” on the scouting.org webpage and a few other places a few times and was wondering what people thought about honoring a US veteran who passed that was a long time volunteer of our units with this star on our troop flag to remember him by if it is appropriate.


My understanding of the gold star in general is that it recognizes the loss of a service member during operations, rather than one whose passing was not in the line of duty during combat operations (see, for example, https://www.army.mil/goldstar/). Assuming that context, I would conclude that the BSA’s Memorial Gold Star wouldn’t apply to the context you described.

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That is what I’m thinking but I wanted to make sure since, thankfully, I haven’t seen too many presented to a unit.

I think that the description at https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/memorial-gold-star/ generally supports that interpretation:


A program for units to add a memorial gold star to their unit flag if a previous or present member of the unit has given their life for their country.

[Emphasis added]

The most common usage of the emphasized phrase is in reference to death in combat operations, although I’ve also seen it used for other service-related (but non-combat) deaths.


One award I absolutely support having on the books but would be quite happy to see never used again.


I hate even calling this an “award”.

How about “commemoration” instead?

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Jeremy, so correct.
Should be an Acknowledgement. Probably is an Award as they didn’t want to make another category.

In my opinion that is more fitting.

as @SteveCagigas mentioned commemoration is also a good idea.

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