Menu button on is not working

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    2) Operating system Windows 8
    3) Browser Firefox
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Works fine for me? Is it just not opening for you? Have you tried Chrome?

You might try an incognito window too

Just tried Chrome – click on Menu and nothing happens


are you behind a firewall?

No idea how to do that


Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 9.32.01 AM

In most browsers it is under FILE Menu - Private or Incognito window



Nope – still can’t get Menu button to respond



Lorraine -

Chrome was version 32 on Windows 8, if you have it updated to the latest version. Windows 8 was last supported by Microsoft in 2016, and after January 23, 2023, Microsoft will no longer issue security patches.

I suggest you consider upgrading to Windows 10:
So that you can get better performance from your PC.

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