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I know it was taken care in the past thorough this forum. I need parent/leader account merged for one of my leaders.
Primary account: BSA memebr 133249363, User ID 8529651
Secondary account: BSA member 134742640, User ID 10780907

Thank you.

@MichalCiupka this is fixed

This may not be the correct place top post, but I do not have an option to add a new topic, so this is the closes I can find. We have added 5 new cubs to the pack, and all have duplicated. One showing up in the their den, one showing up in the unassigned list. Local council tried to merge one but that did not work. The bigger part of the problem one record has a parent connect, the other does not. This is causing the new scouts’ families to not be notified of upcoming activities, and other emails from pack leaders, as well as difficult in track in who attended and who did not. Advancement is also an issue as one different leaders, or parents may enter different and/or duplicate awards in the the two different records. We have had not choice but to pause recruiting until this is resolved. We have our open house scheduled for October 15th. We have spent a lot of time and energy getting all of our parents and leaders to only use scoutbook, so please do not tell m e to use outside email services. Just fix this, it has been 3 weeks since I notified local council.

Since you have a number of issues, I’m going to start a private message.

Can you help me? I seem to have two scout IDs and thought I had resolved the issue a while ago. However, the other day, I was on a page in scoutbook and found that the ID listed as primary was not the one I thought I was using. So I selected ID 12140204 as primary. It matches with my.scouting.org but when I try to do scoutbook now, I cannot see my units or family and I am not even listed in the correct council/district. I am NCAC, FSK. I don’t know what the alternate ID was Ilas I can no longer see it in scoutbook.


@JulieJohnson not sure what happened to your account but it seems fixed now

Yea, I can see my family and units but I am listed in the Mason Dixon council??

you can change that under edit profile @JulieJohnson

I also need a scouts profiles merged. They are transferring from Hawkeye to Mid-Iowa.

Hawkeye: 135520051 / 9015418

Mid-Iowa: 137342854 / 11952745

Cubmaster Brandon

@BrandonHamous that is fixed

Hello, I have multiple BSA numbers for my council. We are currently in recharter. Do I need to wait and see how the recharter shakes out or can you merge my accounts? My husband is also having the same problem. My numbers are:

Amanda Barlow 137191606, 137393916, 135243241, 131349468

My husbands are

Adam Barlow 135090347, 12061856
He cannot see any of his scoutbook information and even has him registered under a scout council he has never been in.

Thank you,
Amanda Barlow

@AmandaBarlow log into my.scouting.org > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to Scoutbook.com and log in using your my.scouting.org credentials

Good afternoon. I have two issues that I am hoping you can help with.

  1. I have two boy scouts who each have two accounts after we moved.
    (Name removed) BSA # 136610788 (is the most current on advancements, but missing 4 merit badges from the other account # 137299537) He is currently in troop 1518.
    (Name removed) BSA #136382575 (most current on advancements but missing merit badges from the other account 137299542.

  2. I have a cub scout (name removed) 136361452 just got picked by Pack 1853 on SB on 8/31/2021 as an Arrow of Light and his membership ended on 9/30/21 on Scout book for some unknown reason. I am hoping he can be placed back into 1853. Thanks!!

@KirstenDowdy Ok #1’s are fixed

On the Cub - It says you ended the membership in SB - BUT I do not see a NCAC Registration for the Scout - I do see a NCAC BSA # of 137333345 - but not in a pack - so you need to talk to Council or pack about the registration.

You could start a new membership for him in the pack in Scoutbook and that would give you another 60 days.

Thank you. Very helpful and fast!! I noticed that Jack Dowdy has two duplicate merit badges now (flyfishing and fish and wildlife). Not sure how that happened. Are you able to delete one of each? Thank you for this awesome help.

@KirstenDowdy no 2 versions (years) can sometimes happen - what I tell users to do (if they are admins) is flat out delete the badge, then re-add with the same date - that can be done by clicking the box for complete - delete merit badge is there

If you are a parent (but not an adult leader), you should talk to the unit’s adult leadership before you do this, because the merit badges will need to be re-approved in Scoutbook.

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I hope this is the correct thread. I also have duplicate Scoutbook accounts. I actually believe I have 3.

One is from our old council - Longhouse in NY, tri-rivers district, that BSA number is 136300455

The other is from our current council - Calcaseiu in Louisiana, arrowhead district. That BSA number is 137397031.

My.scouting has the correct info, scoutbook has a blank account, no profile photo, no connections to my 3
Children and 2 units (Pack 72 - where I am a Den Leader and Girl Troop 124g - where I am the Scoutmaster).

The correct profile that these should be merged with has a climbing photo of me.

Again, the one with me and my youngest daughter is from the NY council, the blank one that has no information is not needed, and the one with the climbing photo is where these duplicate scoutbook accounts need to merge with.


@RubyCoger got them combined - we cannot see photos - I set a sync for positions so all should be strait after 4pm CST

Thank you so much!

I don’t see myself connected to my youngest son who is a new Lion, his BSA number is:

137397030 (Calcaseiu council, LA)

I also have 4 other family members that will need combining of their scoutbook accounts but I don’t want to lose connections or merit badges.

My husband’s Longhouse council - NY scoutbook account BSA # 136588431 should be combined with his current account in Calcasieu council in Louisiana BSA #137397322

My daughter’s account and this one I’m nervous about as she is an Eagle Scout and I do not want her information lost -
Old number - 136300454 (NY)
Current - 137404295 (LA)

My other daughter - who is a life scout and who I would also not want to lose progress for:
Old number - 136300462 (NY)
Current - 137404271 (LA)

Thank you again.