Merge Den Leader / Parent Accounts

Hello, we have an adult leader (BSA #136891674) with appropriate position training and YPT, but she is only able to log into her parent account (BSA #13215653), which does not have status to be able to make updates on behalf of the den or unit. Happy to provide any additional information as necessary.

  • Patrick
    P850 Committee Chair
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The way I understand it… If she’s able to log into -->tools–>manage-member-id on either account, she should be able to add the other BSA ID then select the adult leader ID as primary. Scoutbook should pick up that change.

Thanks for that, I did not realize there was now a self-service method to resolve this. Will attempt that route before pleading for administrative action.

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@J_PatrickMoffitt this is all fixed for the user

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I love any solution that is faster than me. Thank you for that!

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