Merge duplicate adult accounts

One of my leaders now has two accounts. Can someone merge these accounts? The unit ID is 66240.

AdultUserID 747845
No email address
Shows adult leadership positions in the Pack
Not linked to his kids

AdultUserID 8288529
BSA ID 128819931
Email address is correct
Shows merit badge counselor status but not Pack leadership
Linked to his kids


you need to put an end date on first accounts leadership and add the leadership to the second one - then problem is solved

and don’t forget to approve the positions once added

actually looking at that first account it was deleted a month ago so you are just seeing connections - I think I can clean it up faster for you - let me see

Ok if you now go to Unit Roster and click Clean Old Connections at bottom Left - it should clear it up for you

Thanks. Looks correct on my end now.

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