#merge Feature Request for ease in Transfer

I’ve dedicated almost two years to organizing my son’s earned merit badges. The majority of his completed projects associated with his second BSA number are correctly cataloged, although updating them is not straightforward.

Especially as there were badges that were earned recently and recorded under the wrong or shall we say older conditions, that hurt


If the Scout is registered with the same FN, MN, LN and DOB in all councils, records will automatically merge. I’ll look at his record to see if there are duplicate accounts.


The reason your son’s records did not merge is he was registered with his middle name in Silicon Valley Council but no middle name in Sand Diego Imperial Council. Always registering with the full legal name is critical for records to properly be connected.

I’m going to send you a private message so I can provide additional detail and a step I need you to take before I merge his Scoutbook accounts. Look for a green envelope on your photo in the upper right of the forum window.