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Merge Member IDs

I have a Lion den leader who is new to scouting. He registered w/ my.scouting.org and completed his YPT training before he was entered into Scoutbook. Once his Scoutbook account was activated, he ended up w/ a 2nd account (2nd member id), which is not associated w/ his my.scouting.org account. His email is used for both accounts, which means it can’t be used in Scoutbook. He has a changeyouremail email address listed in Scoutbook. I need to have these accounts merged. I have both of his member ids I can provide.

Either he can go to my.scouting.org and use Manage Member ID - or I can take a look at it to see what can be done

It would be great if you could take a look. He is new to scouting, so it could get a little hairy for him.
The member ids are: 13668186 and 137101450. If we can get the 137101450 to be linked to his son, and then delete the 13668186, I think we would be good.

@BradWilkinson I sent you a direct message - look at top right avatar to find it

Member care can do that for you.

@AceEifling Effective September 1, the first level of support is the forums and local councils. If a council cannot solve an issue, then the council can escalate the issue to Member Care.

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Correct, I just called them. Received an automatic message saying to call council, which I’ve done also.

oh yeah I forgot :slight_smile: To bad this happened. Member care was so important and more helpful than the council can be.

I have the same issue with my husband who is now the webelos leader for my pack. there are 2 accounts one with his email and one with change the email. I have gone to member management but am unable to resolve. his id is13553101 on one but there is no id on the other. I am also trying to link him to our kids as well with no luck. He has two user names I believe as well. when I added him to the account there were several Richard Rose his associated with pack 542 crossroads of the west council and was associated as a parent with pack 561 under trapper trails which is no longer

@JULEEROSE - I sent you a direct message - look at avatar top right to find it

@DonovanMcNeil I’m having a similar issue where somehow I also have two member IDs but I’m one of the Key 3 and now lost my Key 3 access in Scoutbook. We tried re-assigning me and that didn’t work, I only have access now to my own child. Any suggestions?

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