Merge Parent Account with their committee account

I have a parent who has the correct information in the parent section for his scout but as a committee member it’s incorrect. The account doesn’t have a real email and has different BSA #scouts-bsa-program
Correct BSA ID 135747830
Wrong BSA ID 13339740

Thank you,


@WilliamEvans this is fixed

Sir the account is still not correct. His committee account now has the right BSA # but wrong User ID and tied to it wrong email. I am sorry I should have added that to the ticket.
Dad and Committee information
BSA # 135747830
User ID 10097925

Which should then bring the correct email ending with att@

Thank you for your assistance and sorry for the confusion.

@WilliamEvans 830 is a deleted BSA# - 740 is the registered BSA # - I switched to another email I see on account

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