Merge parent cannot see 3 scouts

I have Mom with four Scouts, but she cannot see all of them in Scoutbook. The email looks the same to me, and begins h_le—77@

Scout-one 13724219
Scout-two 14370426
Scout-three 140588979

Can you please take a look and advise if you see something?

@ChristopherWilliams6 which ones CAN she see?

@ChristopherWilliams6 yeah there are at least 3 users - BUT none logged in recently - tell us what shout she CAN see

SUAC NOTE: SB 13421226, 13412573, 13412561

She says she can see 14370426

Thank you for looking into this.

@ChristopherWilliams6 OK last log in there was 10/23/23 - I can merge all to that account - but I think this is a watch user log in to see what system they are looking at - please advise what you want done

@ChristopherWilliams6 OK I figured it out - she is using the App - all is fixed - I recommend that They contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the children. When they look up the children, they want to check children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that children are connected to parent with Only the correct BSA member ID number 140579198

Thank you, contacting council now, and cut and pasting your idea.

Mom says she sees all 3 in app! Thank you!

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