Merge / Remove Account

My son created an account, however, the troop created my account. When I attempted to invite my son (name removed by Moderator) I received the attached error. Can you please assist with resolution?

@EthanCochran It looks like your son already has a my.scouting account.

I would recommend having him log in and double-checking his date of birth (DOB). He has 2 BSA member numbers, but their DOBs are different.

Hi Jennifer thank you so much for your response. My son only needs one account. Even if we changed his DOB on one account where it is wrong that doesn’t appear to help with the issue we are having. All his information was added into Scoutbook by the troop and we would like to get rid of the account that my son created. His correct birth year is 2011 and that is the account the troop created and the one we want to keep.

@EthanCochran Please have your son try logging in to Scoutbook again with his my.scouting username and password.

I merged his Scoutbook accounts yesterday.

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