Merge Scoutbook accounts for my Scouts

I am trying to clean up and merge Scoutbook accounts for my family. I have them listed as Current and previous numbers. Current 3 is not connected to me on Scoutbook so I can’t see the UserID. Scout 4 might have two other Scoutbook profiles that can be merged with the current one.

Current 1 - BSAID: 137312372 UserID: 11893124
Previous 1- BSAID: 135331469 UserID: 2412562

Current 2 - BSAID: 13746489 UserID: 11715182
Previous 2 - BSAID: 136760370 UserID: 10708459

Current 3 - BSAID: 13640349
Previous 3 - BSAID: 133741550 UserID: 575879

Current 4 - BSAID: 118602672 UserID: 8437773
Previous 4 - BSAID: 133945478 and 122384116

Thank you for any help you can provide for this.

@KyleLadwig this is all fixed

Thank you Donovan. That was extremely quick.
At one point my Past Positions had all of the positions I have held, is that lost to an account merge sometime in the past? Similar question with the camping and hiking logs in Scoutbook?

logs are iffy - you have like 2-3 deleted past SB accounts

So the deleted past SB accounts are just gone and not able to be merged to a current account?

they can be recovered to some degree - but you are an adult so it is not advancement info - so it is just membership data which holds no importance to go through the process - I got your family running again - your welcome

The kids are the important part and the reason I do all of it.

Thank you again for your quick action and responses. I am grateful to you and the other members of the SUAC that keep this things running.

I found activity logs under SB user number 568006. We can try merging again, but no guarantees.

@KyleLadwig Take a look now.

@JenniferOlinger Looks great. Thanks again.

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