Merge two BSA Member IDs

@JeremyBracknell the Scoutbook accounts are fixed

Hello, my son’s old ID is from Indiana Buffalo Trace Council BSA#133145863 user ID 1053597 and I was hoping you could merge it to our current BSA troop in Tucson, AZ Sky Island BSA BSA 8361549 user ID is 1053597. Much appreciated. If you have any questions please contact me at 520-474-0968. Kelly (here is my member ID 12952417 user ID 1082342.)

@KellyRicard this is fixed in SB

I would like to merge two BSA/User IDs, both under the same user name.

BSA:6553552/UID:11920362 - From when I was a scout, used to become a lion partner, and completed several trainings to become a Den Leader. Under Orange Co. Council 039

BSA:14248536/UID:12446637 - Created when I applied to become a Den Leader. Greater Los Angeles Area 033

I logged into SB with the latter and it had the incorrect council (Long Beach). Not sure if that matters.

Thanks in advance.

@MichaelIwanaga I see a pending registration for you under BSA number 14248536. I have merged your Scoutbook accounts, but you will need to ask your local council to move your Adult Partner registration so that it is also under 14248536.

I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

Thank you very much Jennifer!

I am requesting assistance to merge/combine the following accounts on Scoutbook/MyScouting:

MemberID: 132176310 (This Profile contains my Training: YPT and my two scouts as their father)
UserID: 2167997

Member ID: 132176393 (This Profile inlcudes My position, Troop affiliation, and Merit Badge Counselor credentials)
UserID: 12370887

@DarrinHansen this is cleaned up for you.