Merged profiles, still receiving person not found error

Council merged a scout’s two profiles yesterday but I’m still receiving the Person not found for given person GUID error and there is a yellow exclamation mark next to his name in the roster. In my previous posts here it was mentioned that the scout’s registration expired in 2021. In SB membership history, under current membership there is a note about being reassigned on May 3, 2021. Do you have any suggestions?
The scouts SB ID is 11523105


@JesseHarbison the MID is bad in Scoutbook - let me investigate - or you could check roster for MID

@JesseHarbison I see a # 135228125 - but it does not have a registration this year - MID on your Scoutbook Scout is 13631737 - and that number does not exist

Thank you for the quick response! Do you think something may have been lost in the merge? What do you suggest for next steps, do I just need to have the council update the registration?

Thanks in advance for you help.

Well Scout needs to be registered and maybe MID fixed in Scoutbook

Thanks for the advice! I’ll check with council and reference this thread.

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