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Merging a parent's accounts

I have a parent who was two BSA #'s. One was registered as Becky from one council, then they transferred to our council and was registered as Rebecca and then therefore creating a new BSA #. We are trying to merge or even add the current BSA number under her account in my scouting, but it isn’t allowing to add the current BSA #. It is stating it is not linked to Becky. My guess is the Rebecca is throwing it off. Any suggestions? It is challenging to work with the lady at Council on this (we have been trying to merge the two accounts for a long time). This parent is getting frustrated because the scoutbook account is connected under the Becky account, so we can link her (Rebecca) to her son’s scoutbook account.

Try having Becky contact BSA Member Care:


Just unlink Becky’s account, contact member care to delete, then use Rebecca’s to re-connect.

If both accounts are both linked to the same e-mail address, that might not work.

Didn’t think of that but I’m sure member care will sort it out.

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