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Merging accounts

Hi. My troop’s Scoutbook coordinator says I have two accounts that need to be merged. How do I do that? Thank you.

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@MatthewMullins1 - first question is would this be an adult/leader account? If so you can go to then legacy tools then manage member id or at the very least that is what I recall. If he numbers are from different council’s then you should contact your current registrar to merge them.

Adult account. My ‘good’ account, I can see one of my kids, but not the other. It’s all jacked up.

For help, I can see Legacy Forums, but nothing called Legacy Help. Oh well, I submitted a ticket. Will see what happens.

@MatthewMullins1 - what I was referring to was to log into, then click on menu then legacy web tools, the manage member ID, but apparently it is two scoutbook accounts I guess from your reply.

You might double check whether both Scoutbook accounts have a different bsa member number in the profile. If so, you need to work with your registrar to merge those before merging the Scoutbook accounts. You wouldn’t want to keep the wrong one.

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