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Merging ID Error

I need help from national merging my ID from Denver Area Council with Cape Fear…there is no expertise here and from scouring this forum it appears I need help the the Advisory Council. My Name and phone number do not match between the two Profiles and I cannot add the New one as a result.

Which one has the correct name? (I don’t believe phone number matters)

You can’t technically merge member numbers from different councils, but you can make it so they both appear under your my.scouting account and hence you have credit for all you past training.

The issue seems to be that your middle name does not match, and your DOB is missing.

True…but there are three key data elements that need to match, Name, DOB, and Phone Number…two of the three are different (name and phone number) so I get Can’t merge because the profiles don’t match.

Thanks - Prior to Cape Fear I went by Jon Myron Elliott…due to the new background check I had to use my legal name JOHN. My phone number starts with 303, not 202. I missed that the DOB was missing…Shouldn’t my local council be able to fix this?

Jennifer - to further expand I’ve gone by JON since 1988 in Heart of America Council. The Denver Area Council info is correct.

Jacob - Denver profile is correct for all of the aforementioned information. Another advisor mentioned the DOB was missing from Cape Fear.

I was able to put all 3 of your BSA member numbers under your Manage Member ID.

So what is my next step…Log out and log back in?

Yes. Do you also have an issue with multiple Scoutbook accounts?

No - We were still on TroopMaster and piloted Scoutbook for Denver. My Advancement guy took care of that some I a a rookie in Scoutbook and haven’t been in there yet.

THANK YOU!!! My correct position is showing… I haven’t found my YPT which I took under the old DAC number to see if they used if for Cape Fear…for now I’m good!

THank you!!

@JonE52 You do have at least 2 Scoutbook accounts.

I can merge them for you, if you’d like.

They appear merged but it is asking me to update my email. Seems to be stuck in a loop. Scout book is also throwing an email already taken error to send an invite to me.

@JonE52 I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

When you log in to Scoutbook, log in with your my.scouting username and password.

Edited to add: In Scoutbook on your Edit Profile screen, there is place where you can add a nickname, if you would prefer to be known as “Jon”.