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Merging Two Accounts

I’m the Committee Chair for 109 in Maine. I have a Den Leader who has two BSA membership numbers.
When I log in to ScoutBook and look at the Den, here number is 136059045. When she logs in, her user number is 1277522 but she can’t do any updates and nothing is linked. How do we link the accounts so she just has one and can log advancements?

@HollyJagger this MID is a Committee member not a Den Leader ?? The other number is a totally different person

@HollyJagger I found the other account and merged them

Which one will she log in with? Can you tell the username?

@HollyJagger she will use her my.scouting credentials

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@MarkSmurda I was able to merge the mom’s Scoutbook accounts. However, her e-mail in Scoutbook is different than her e-mail at my.scouting. Things usually work best if the e-mail is the same in both places.

New scoutbook admin here for a troop in the Transatlantic council. We have a mom who appears to have two accounts. Same email address but the one I can see (and that is correctly attached to our troop and her son) is MID 13156138 and user ID 2729913. When she signs in she sees MID 13743228 and user ID 11708262. Is it possible to merge these two accounts, keeping 13156138 as the primary? If this is an SSO issue, can you also provide me with her user name as I believe she signs on with her email currently?
Thanks very much for your help,
Ben Groverman

@BenjaminGroverman I have merged the scoutbook accounts, along with a third scoutbook account associated with member ID 12945915. Please contact your council and ask them to merge all three member numbers. If they deceive they have to keep anything other than the 13743228, we’ll need to adjust the scoutbook account.

She also appears to have several my.scouting accounts. Going forward, she should log into both scoutbook and my.scouting using a user name that is her first name and last name but with _ instead of -.

I have a parent that cannot see her children’s connections in Scoutbook. It looks like she has two accounts. I’m council registrar and do not show more than one member ID in our council, so I believe I already merged them on my end earlier in the year.

To keep: MID 135609379, SB ID 9314201
To merge: MID 116588371, SB ID 1008504

@MatthewAnderson6 this is fixed - the user should be using my.scouting credentials to log in - not email

Hi Donovan,
Is it possible to get the user name for :

@LilaAylstock ??? not sure what you are asking

We moved from TAC to GSWC and now have duplicate records for my sons…one full record from previois council and one blank from current council. Can someone email or message me about this?

Thank you in advance


@JuanPerez1 I think this is fixed for both of your sons

Thank you very much. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi Donovan,
Have been reading your posts with people who have 2 Scoutbook accounts. We have had several transfers in from other councils. From what our Council Registrar tells me, they get a new BSA number. The problem is sometimes all the history from the old BSA number is transferred in, but other times like the one I have now the Scout & the Parent Adult Leader show up in Scoutbook with nothing transferred. I see their old account in the old council and unit and can transfer or move their membership over (since the parent gave me full control), but we can’t figure out how to merge the Scoutbook accounts when it doesn’t happen automatically. - Roy

@RoyStiles post the BSA #'s here and we can take a look

Thanks! The Scouts old BSA# is 137013648 (which was Golden Gate Area Council, pack 248) and the new one our Council (Capitol Area Council, CAC #564, Troop 328) is 137327367. -Roy

@RoyStiles OK I am merging but there are errors perhaps council(s) need to fix - DOB is off by one year from old account

Ok, they put 2010 on the applications they gave me and I see the old one says 2009. The Scout is starting 6th grade, so I’m thinking that is more likely 2009. As she should turn 12 in 6th grade. I’ll check wit the dad. Well good to know this is probably what messed it up. Thanks for the help! I also have several leaders with 2 Scoutbook accounts we have been struggling to correct for a long time. I think they got a BSA # when they connected as a parent, then submitted a leader application, which landed them in our committee with a second Scoutbook account they don’t use. Is that some we should be able to fix or something you would need to do for us? -Roy