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Merging Two Accounts

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you sir!

I have a scout that I need to merge two SB accounts. My registrar merged his BSA IDs.
Need to keep the NCAC one.
NCAC membership # 134516637
User ID 7051672

Far East Council membership # 133038940
User ID 938341

Is this possible?
Thank you!

@MelodyBloxsom these are merged - It is probably very bad practice for the troop to be giving email addresses to scouts with troop domain - unless they have them for life - these are being tied into their Scouting accounts so lets say 15 years from now will they still be able to obtain a lost password?

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I will bring that up to the SM and committee. It’s a good point. We like having a standard email so we know who is sending as not even parents know how to use email etiquette and sign their name.

There are some places (like here in Discourse) where users cannot change their email.

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Can I please have these two accounts merged?
James Evan (created in transfer to new council without past advancements)
BSA Member #: 137290282
UserID: 11852149

Jamie (with correct advancement info but old BSA #)
BSA Member #:135407836
UserID: 2491966

Thank you!

@LilaAylstock lets give this some time - it does not look like council is done yet - so lets see if the system fixes itself as it should

@LilaAylstock was this an online application? Has the unit accepted the application in my.scouting.org?

@LilaAylstock Ok it looks like unit fixed issue on registration - now we will watch the account to see if member update works

It’s been two days since the council updated registration on their end. I still see 2 accounts. One with awards and one with none.
Can these still be merged? thanks

@LilaAylstock I sent to Developers - remind me Monday and I will merge the accounts for you after they look at it

Any update on this? The system didn’t merge them.

@LilaAylstock they are merged now

I have two adults in my unit that had their accounts merged by the council last year. Because they are also merit badge counselors, I think the merge wasn’t successful, as I’m seeing some wonkiness in their accounts. For example, when I look at their leader accounts, it shows one BSA ID & UserID, but the parent accounts have completely different IDs. Is this something you can check on/fix? Here’s the data:

Adult #1 - (normal login acct) - MemID - 13675275, UserID - 11583351, 2nd acct w/all personal info - MemID - 124806359, UserID - 115712

Adult #2 - (normal login acct) - MemID - 12727915, UserID - 11641102, 2nd acct w/all personal info - MemID - 127996702, UserID - 318851

Thanks for any help you can give on this!

@DeniseDickson those 2 are fixed

Awesome! Thanks so much @DonovanMcNeil