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Merit badge andancement

The council has approved me as a merit badge counselors. How do I go about getting the merit badge to show up when going into them and looking up the individual? Also the other leaders do not show up when I search for them. How do I fix this? I’ve sent in all the paperwork for everyone.

you council has not entered your Merit badges into ScoutNET - they have to do that for them to appear in Scoutbook


Who would I contact in my council?

Usually the registrar @MattHawes

Having to do with merit badge counselors, why can’t merit badge counselor list for each troop be shared with the troop advancement chair? I have asked our district commissioner for our troop for the list since it says above they have access to this list and he has yet to give it to me. This is wrong. When a scout comes to me for a merit badge counselor I should immediately be able to give the information he needs at a scout meeting. We were provided lists each year and now its like a cabal on who can get information or it takes so long to get the information one gives up.

@TamaraGandt - the merit badge counselor list is typically provided to the unit leader (which would be the Scoutmaster) but this is an issue you need to address at your local level. Additionally, the scout should be given the merit badge counselor by the Unit leader not advancement chair. I suggest reading the Guide to Advancement. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf

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The Advancement Chair is not part of the Merit Badge process. You should not, as the Advancement Chair, have Scouts coming to you and requesting MB counselor info.

The Scouts should be meeting with the Scoutmaster about merit badges, not the Advancement Chair, and getting MB counselor contact info from the Scoutmaster. The Advancement Chair, like every other committee position, is intended to be behind the scenes supporting the Scoutmaster and the ASMs.

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The SM can assign the task to whomever they want


Agreed, the SM can delegate that task. But that still doesn’t make the Advancement Chair a part of the merit badge process simply by being the Advancement Chair.

The SM can delegate the discussion to an ASM or another (a “knowledgeable assistant unit leader” per the GTA – I suppose we could debate all day about whether any committee member is an assistant unit leader :grin:) and I would expect that part of delegating that responsibility would be the Scoutmaster providing the necessary information to the individual assuming the task, not rolling that back upstream to the District or Council MBC coordinators.

GTA - UAC Responsibilities - #11 - Keep a current and accessible copy of the district or council merit badge counselor list. As needed to fill in, develop and maintain a list of unit merit badge counselors. Note that all merit badge counselors must be registered as such, annually, and also approved through the council advancement committee.

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@DonovanMcNeil - thanks for that citation. But if all MBC are listed in scoutbook, then that would be accessible by the UAC.

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that is being determined

Our district commissioner hasn’t shared the counselor list with our Scoutmaster. So we don’t have a current list of counselors which with the notice given today is very worrisome. After the upload fiasco last spring we have no clue which counselors were totally dropped from the system or have certain merit badges that were dropped from their registration or who is not registered at all anymore. (Lastly as a side note shouldn’t a troop’s assigned commissioner be outside of the troop? Our district commissioner is also a registered ASM with our troop as well.
We do follow the process but with almost 80 scouts now it works that the scout discusses a merit badge request with the scoutmaster and the scoutmaster refers the scout to me so I can give the information he needs. I know all the counselors since I have been doing this since 2014.

District Commissioner is different that a Unit Commissioner. Ideally yes the Unit Commissioner would be somebody not registered in the unit. The District Commissioner oversees all of the Unit Commissioners in the District and is a member of the District Key 3.

Merit badge counselors should be found by using the search function in scoutbook. If they are not in scoutbook they are not a sanctioned merit badge counselor and should not be used. This means that any list that would be provided might not be up to date and should not be relied on for the selection of the merit badge counselor.

Do you have the search for a merit badge counselor option in your scoutbook dashboard?

Yes I meant Unit commissioner. We use Troopmaster and upload our Advancements through now the Internet Adv. 2.0

Even if you use Troopmaster to upload advancement, you can use Scoutbook to search for Merit Badge Counselors. On your unit page in Scoutbook, click on MB Counselor Search.

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If you feel like he is not serving your troop well you can always have a conversation with your key 3 about it. Just because he is registered in the unit doesn’t mean he can’t also be of service as a commissioner. Communication is imperative to the proper operation of the unit.

Do you have the option to navigate to scoutbook from IA as shown below?


Well, they can, but it is supposed to be primarily with the SM unless the unit is too large or the Unit Leader is not available. Then it needs to go to an Assistant Unit Leader, not a member of the committee.

Because of the counseling opportunity presented, it is the unit leader’s responsibility to sign blue cards, or to otherwise document the visit that takes place before a Scout meets with a merit badge counselor. In the role of giving leadership to the delivery of the troop program, a Scoutmaster, for example, has a better opportunity than other leaders to get to know the youth. This background with the Scouts allows a unit leader to add greater value in the discussion and counseling intended to take place. However, in circumstances when this may be impractical—for example, in large units or when the unit leader may be absent—the unit leader may delegate authority to conduct and document the discussions. This authority should be entrusted to a knowledgeable assistant unit leader.“


Assuming that Council has done their updates properly and the UAC’s account is properly set up in Scoutbook, at least. Based on @TamaraGandt’s comments, hers seems to be set up properly.