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Merit Badge completed date different from date recorded by Advancement Chair results in error when updating Rank


We had a scout finish his Citizenship in the Community merit badge in 10/2019, but the blue card was lost. It was recently found. He finished his Board of Review for Life in 11/2019, because we knew he had completed all of his requirements. His records were not updated in Scoutbook at the time. I have entered his Cit. Comm as completed on 10/19/2019, but the default ‘completed’ date by my approval is shown as 10/17/2020 (the day I updated his status in Scoutbook). I want to enter his Life Rank as 11/11/2019. However, Scoutbook is not allowing me to date his Life Rank as 11/11/2019, because the default date on the Cit. Comm. merit badge is 10/17/2020. I’m getting an error stating that the rank can’t be completed before the merit badge. Why is Scoutbook’s completed date for the Cit Comm defaulting to 10/17/2020 (the day I made the update), when the date I’ve manually entered is 11/11/2019?

Thank you,
Edward Epp

When you marked it complete is irrelevant. It’s the date that you entered that matters. If you can include some screenshots, that may help. Also, what date do you have entered for the BOR requirement?

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