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Merit Badge completion dates show date entered not actual date earned causing me not to be able to add Rank Advancement

I have a transfer scout (disbanded LDS Troop) that the SM did not update the Scouts MB’s earned nor his SM Conf or BOR. I entered his MB’s with the correct date of completion but it shows today is the date and then won’t let me enter his rank advancement because it says Req #3 was completed after BOR date.
how can I get this Scout his Rank advancement entered so we can get it awarded and recorded correctly?

Can you post a screenshot of what’s showing for the rank (without the scout’s name)? It kinda sounds like the Date Completed got replaced with “Today” instead of “Save”.

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 3.05.43 PM

Think you are looking at Audit data - In Green in image

The Date of record is Blue Text circled in Red in image

That was what I thought at first, too. However, @RebeccaBenjamin1 is indicating that she’s unable to mark Req 3 complete due to a date issue, which shouldn’t trigger based on the audit data.

@RebeccaBenjamin1 - i can setup a screenshare to figure it out if you want

@RebeccaBenjamin1 When you click on requirement 3, are you able to change the date to the date of the most recently completed merit badge?

Brilliant! Thank you! I did not realize you can click on the blue check mark in the “Req #3” I did that and it did have a weird date in Feb 2020 so I changed it like you said to the date of the last MB completion date and it then let me approve his life rank. :slight_smile:

It’s been solved Jennifer Olinger had the answer. Thanks for your help!

All taken care of- Jennifer Olinger had the answer. Thanks!

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