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Merit Badge Counselor Application

Just curious, but does anyone know how long it takes Merit Badge Counselor Applications to go through and be approved?

I turned in an application with my son’s troop leadership to be sent in to the district in November, and I just don’t know how or when I might hear that I’ve been approved. (I understand with the holidays and recharter, this probably isn’t the fastest time of year - so I’m not complaining, just curious).

I am a high school teacher, and there are a number of scouts in my son’s troop that also attend my school/live in my neighborhood that are looking for counselors for badges that I’m qualified to help with - and that there are no other counselors in district for - and the kids are getting antsy.

Will I get a letter in the mail? An email? Will my status as a merit badge counselor just magically show up on my Scoutbook profile?

Each council is different in how it deals with Merit Badge Counselors. I suggest contacting your district advancement chair and asking.


If you can’t find your district advancement chair (volunteer), give the district executive (professional) a call.

Thanks for the advice. I called the district office and asked about my application. They had not seen it, but assumed it was still within the pile of paperwork being processed for recharters.

I was headed to our local scout shop this weekend anyway - for a pinewood derby building event - so they suggested I reprint my application and turn it in at the shop to speed up the process and allow me to help the students in my school sooner.

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