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Merit Badge Counselor Approved Activity Incorrectly

We discovered that a Scout who completed a merit badge over the summer at a Scouting Summer Camp got a requirement marked completed and approved by a Merit Badge counselor when the requirement for the activity was not actually satisfied (camping nights). I am inclined to not approve the Merit Badge. However just wanted to see what others think.


Are you a new MBC for the Scout or another leader? The Guide to Advancement section Limited Recourse for Unearned Merit Badges describes the process that must be followed if a leader believes a Scout did not actually earn the Merit Badge for which the Scout possesses a Blue Card signed by a Merit Badge Counselor.


And here is a link to the online version of the Guide to Advancement that Ed referenced:


Right after posting this question i was actually going through the guide to look for this section since I remembered reading it earlier. Thanks for the reference. Saved me a 54 page scroll :slight_smile:

Thank you for the assistance.

I hope your scout is understanding about this.
A similar thing almost happened at summer camp, then I reviewed the scout’s activity log carefully and realized that after removing cabin camps, he did not complete the required camping nights. I returned the blue card to the council and requested a partial (which also meant some computer work on their part). They graciously obliged.

He absolutely is. He’s a good kid. Also he has a lot of time to finish up things. We have other scouts who are in a bind because they weren’t able to do any camping since CoVID shutdown.

It breaks my heart every time I hear of kids not camping. :cry:

Virtual camping is allowed. Not as fun as camping as a group, but if it’s your only option…

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