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Merit Badge Counselor has MB removed

I have been a MB counselor for over 20 years and am still a current registered Scouts BSA leader. Noticed a few days ago there was an “update” 3-24-2020 and it removed some merit badges I was counselor for from my profile in Scoutbook. No explanation. Our advancement chair said she doesn’t know how it happened and I am waiting for other admins to answer, but other counselors have said the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas? Does council modify profiles in Scoutbook?

Council can upload MBC lists - what Council (#) are you a part of?

Circle Ten. Why would they remove merit badges that have been approved?

You would need to speak with your Council to find out if they removed MBs from your entry I. The file they uploaded. If they did not then we need to have the developers research the situation. They will need a copy of the upload file from your council.

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This most likely occurred because the council decided to “take over” merit badge counselor listings in Scoutbook. Our council is in the process of doing this. Only merit badges for which they have paperwork and have approved will be listed in Scoutbook once they upload their list.
The reasons for the differences could be that you were approved for some merit badges in other councils and never let your current council know. Another is you thought you applied for some merit badges but never did. This is some times an issue when people are counselors for a lot of badges. Finally, the council made a mistake in the file they uploaded. All of these come down to contacting the council to find out what is going on.

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I contacted Circle Ten Council and they are working to resolve the issue. Earlier in Mar they “Validated” merit badge counselors and changed the merit badges we were originally validated for. I have been a merit badge counselor for almost 20 years. That predates Scoutbook and Scouting.org. I believe those early records were not transferred. I am not sure how well they kept records that far back. My experience is that record keeping was not the greatest. Thanks for your comments.

The council has long had issues with their MB list.

In my Council, they ask all MBCs to re-validate annually (reply to an email sent to you) or else they remove you from the list. Perhaps your Council is starting something similar?
Also Scoutbook is not our Council’s official record of MBCs as not every unit is required to use it.

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In Circle Ten in the past they sent out an email and asked if you wanted to continue if so no response was needed. In 2020 they apparently tried to validate MB counselors and changed which MB we were allowed to counsel. They also did not notify us thats what they did. So I got the email and did not realize they took away so e of my mb’s. I have been a MB counselor for about 20 years so I believe they did not have documentation that far back so they took them away.

I received a notice today through Scoutbook that this was a bug that should be fixed now. Something in the update process was causing the problem and is believed to be fixed now.

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